Society Redevelopment Document

Documents relating to Redevelopment are the principal documents to be executed between the Office Bearers of Managing Committee and the Developer for the redevelopment of any property. But it's not as simple as it sounds; the Housing Societies need to exercise necessary caution to ensure that the resident’s corporate interest is safeguarded.

The legal documents concerning the redevelopment projects are essentially to be precise and leaving no room for any ambiguity on the agreed terms. Documents drafted meticulously, ensure that the parties truly agree on the contents and prevent future disputes caused by differing interpretations of the document.

Drafting/Vetting of legal documents accurately is our privileged skill requiring close attention to terms and conditions to be documented in favour of the Society.

The number of redevelopment projects are being scaled back or even abandoned on a half way is tremendously on the rise due to wrong selection of Developer and imperfect drafting of redevelopment documents.

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